Friday, January 16, 2009

22 Weeks

22 Weeks tells the true story of a young woman locked in the bathroom of an abortion clinic after her aborted baby was born alive. It's a film about decisions and the echoes they leave behind. The film includes the reenactment of an actual 911 call. 22Weeks confronts the outer reaches of one of the most controversial subjects of our time. It places the viewer on both sides of the spectrum and asks the chilling question, "What would you do?" says this about the film: "Our second project is to promote the movie 22weeks, which tells the true story of a baby aborted alive in a toilet in an Orlando abortion clinic in 2005, with workers refusing to give the baby help or allow EMTs into the building following a 911 call for help from the mother's friend. To date, there has been no prosecution."

Please visit and check out the wonderful work they are doing.

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