Saturday, January 24, 2009

Geert Wilders, Man of Courage

Lance Fairchock wrote about Geert Wilders on the American Thinker. In this article, he said "When Geert Wilders released the film FITNA it terrified the government of the Netherlands who hoped to minimize any violent reaction by its restive Muslim immigrants and refugees by loudly condemning it. The film is a 15-minute indictment of Islamic radicalism intended as a warning of the unchecked radicalism infecting European Islam. Now Mr. Wilders is being prosecuted for "inciting hate" a charge unlikely to be leveled at the Imams that preach hatred and violence in that small country.

The many terror attacks the world has suffered in the years since 9-11 were not perpetrated by Lutherans, Catholics or members of the Dutch Reformed Church. The politically correct stubbornness found in western democracies insists it is not Islam, just a tiny minority of misguided radicals that perpetrate violence. However, saying something does not make it so, no matter how endlessly it is repeated. It is not a matter of "interpretation," of the Koran, it is a matter of evidence and truth; Islam too often brings violence."

Please go to for the rest of the article. Mr. Wilders has a lot of courage and is presently being tried. He has had numerous death threats from the Muslims, those of the "religion of peace." My prayers are with him and for a nation refusing to stand up and realize what is happening to them. Please note that the preview of FITNA is an edited one because the original, though true, was considered too inflammatory to be shown.

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