Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Barak Hussein Obama

Recently, in an interview with George Stephanopolous, it was asked of Obama about people sacrificing for the "greater good." Obama's answer was yes, absolutely. In other words, with a trillion dollar deficit and bailouts ad nauseum, the average working American citizen is going to be asked to tighten a belt that is already on its last loop. I call Obama a hypocrite because, among other things, he is sending his daughters to the Sidwell Friends School to the tune of $29,000.00 tuition each,which is only tuition and does not include textbooks and other supplies.

It's worth noting that another famous socialist (and I say socialist because the phrase "greater good" is a classic socialist term), uttered the same sentence and that was Hillary Rodham Clinton. We all know how poor she is. We are talking about people who have barely worked a day in their lives outside of politics or wife of a politician. They wouldn't know how to relate to the common man if their lives depended on it. Only it's our lives that depend on it and folks, we are simply screwed. Those of us who actually work that is.

Should we start calling Obama Captain Nebulous and the Stargate of Incredibiliousness rather than Comrade Zero and the Chicago Thugocracy?

Are we the sacrifice we’ve been waiting for?

History is clear, cold and uncompromising. Any time some politician starts talking about "the Common Good," make sure you have a good hold on your wallet. And don't hold your breath waiting for the Common Good to get any better.

You might start with the weighty contradiction that everyone sacrificing makes everyone better. To what end? The end is absolute government control. The idea that a central authority can dictate to you what the "greater good" is and what you should sacrifice to achieve it illustrates the key feature of Marxism--the leadership of the few (the Party) over the proletariat (you) who don't know what's good for you (false consciousness--bitter clingers) and cannot be trusted to make free decisions for yourself. Sounds like a perfect description of modern day's democratic party to me.

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