Monday, January 19, 2009

Obamessiah - Big Expectations and a Big Budget

Boy does he have big shoes to fill. This man who identifies with the common man just spent nearly $60,000.00 tuition to put his kids in grade school for a year. Yes, I know a lot of common men who do that /sarcasm off. The inauguration is going to cost upwards of $150,000,000.00 (that's million folks, lots of zeroes there) to throw a party. I can't tell you how many businesses have closed here in Ohio, but the list is getting longer each day, Michael's, Pier One, Fire Mountain, Hometown Buffet, Hawkins, K-Mart, Circuit City, Old Navy, lots of factories, and the list goes on. But let's have that party! Tell me more about taking things away from all of us for the common good. Phooey.

UPDATE (from Ed at Hot Air)
The biggest group of donors were none other than the recently bailed-out Wall Street executives and employees.
“The finance sector is well represented, despite its recent troubles,” Ritsch said. “Those who worked in finance still managed to pull together nearly $7 million for the inauguration.”
The donors will get some of the best seats in the house for the inauguration, as well as admittance to some of the best balls and other events.
“I don’t think that they’re going to get a whole lot of face time with the new president himself,” Ritsch said, “but they are certainly establishing themselves from day one as his biggest financial supporters. And if there’s something they need or to tell him down the road, they will have an easier time doing that than everyone else.”

And get this, 49 million dollars is coming out of the Federal budget. That means out of your pocket and mine, America. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........

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