Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Memories of Years Ago

I was talking to my brother, Pat, today. He lives in Oregon now. I don't see him often but there was a time when we were very close. In fact, he and I lived together for years, starting in Oklahoma and he followed me to Kansas and then California. While living in Kansas, as a single mother of two and attending the university in Topeka, we lived very frugally. We had an old black and white TV set my father had given me years ago and in order to get reception, one of us would have to go out on the roof (I rented the second and third floors of this house) and adjust the antenna. The picture was never very good but we always made sure to watch at midnight when Monty Python came on. This was our favorite skit and we talked about that and old times tonight. Hard to believe that was so very long ago, well over 30 years now. Enjoy.

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