Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Monstrous Regiment of Women


The Monstrous Regiment of Women
(Abbr. - Monstrous Regiment)

Written by:
Emily and Colin Gunn

Directed, and Produced by:
The Gunn Brothers

Assistant Director, and Producer:
Matthew Campbell


Release Date:
Available Now

Some material may not be suitable for children

Sharon Adams – Historian, Edinburgh University.
Jennie Chancey – Ladies Against Feminism.
Jane Doe – Military Cadet.
Carol Everett – The Heidi Group.
Dana Feliciano – Homemaker.
Carmon Friedrich - Writer, Buried Treasure Books.
F. Carolyn Graglia – Author, Domestic Tranquility.
Rosalind Marshall - Knox Biographer.
Stacey McDonald – Author, Raising Maidens of Virtue.
Mary Pride – Author.
Phyllis Schlafly – Eagle Forum.
Denise Sproul - Homemaker.
Kathleen Smith - Homemaker.

Crown and Covenant Publications
Susanna Campbell
Francisco Rivera
Todd Gibson

Be sure and check out their site I can't wait to see the film. I just ordered mine.

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