Sunday, February 8, 2009

School Obama

The proud students at Barack Obama Elementary School in Hempstead, New York, can now say that they attend the first US school named after the president. They also own new navy sweatshirts - courtesy of the school itself -emblazoned with "Sí se puede" or "Yes we can". Officials at the school, which has just been officially renamed (the decision to do so was taken back in November), say that the impetus for change came from the children themselves. The name change really sends a message to children that when they get involved they can make a difference," said acting school Superintendent Joseph Laria.

I find this more than mildly creepy. It's up there with the cultish video showing those kids singing praises to Obama and the celebrity "I Pledge" video. Why did it take Obama for ANYONE to WANT to make a difference. Were people really that addled and lazy and complacent that they were doing nothing for all this time waiting for the messieh, Obama? How sad is that?

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