Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Two Faces of American Liberalism - Then and Now

Unfortunately, welcome to short attention span theater. The average American doesn't remember and frankly doesn't care about what happened yesterday. Liberals don't care that most of their heroes, Gore, Hillary and Bill, etc., etc., were the original "alarmists" about what was happening in the Middle East, specifically Iran and Iraq. Here it is, all on tape, what they said then and what they say now. This is a two parter and definitely worth the watch from a future perspective, the fall of America. The left wants it. They already have on their dancing shoes. What do the rest of us think about people who would want such a thing.

From You Tube: "American Contrarian - answer to the Liberal film American Centurion by Josh Sugarman

ANSWER TO THE latest political short from the makers of BLUE BALLED and the New York-based, an organization creating online films and videos that support the Democratic party, its candidates and issues.

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