Monday, March 9, 2009

Movie Recommendation - La Vie en Rose

I am not a movie critic and I am also not a fan of foreign movies with subtitles. Especially French movies. My oldest daughter sung its praises and I felt compelled to watch. She has very good taste in these things and she knows I am not fond of the French or subtitles. I'm glad I watched. I do very much like Edith Piaf. I was an older teenager when she died so I only have a passing familiarity with her music. I read she had been on Ed Sullivan many times and I was an ardent fan of that show, but I don't remember her. I know I would have remembered her. She was only 47 when she died, ravaged by the effects of drugs and alcohol and a terribly sad life. But she was defiant to the end and the movie is a masterpiece. Here's a You Tube Clip of her singing a song written for her, Non, je ne regrette rien (1961) (No I regret Nothing). Two years later, she would be dead. I have provided the English translation of the song. I certainly fits her life.

No, nothing at all, I regret nothing at all
Not the good, nor the bad. It is all the same.
No, nothing at all, I have no regrets about anything.
It is paid, wiped away, forgotten.
I am not concerned with the past, with my memories.
I set fire to my pains and pleasures,
I don?t need them anymore.
I have wiped away my loves, and my troubles.
Swept them all away.
I am starting again from zero.

No, nothing at all, I have no regrets
Because from today, my life, my happiness, everything,
Starts with you!

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