Friday, March 6, 2009

O'Reilly on George Tiller

In this video, one of Tiller's patients discusses her abortion process.

TWO YEARS AGO O'Reilly is discussing George Tiller and his connection to Kathleen Seblieus, including her support of him despite legislation which was attempted to be passed. Monsters.

In this last clip, Sebelius seems reluctant to discuss Tiller, except to say he is a health care provider....yes, and one who has contributed a lot of money to her. But relax folks, she's going to be running, if Obama has his way, our nationwide healthcare. I know that makes me feel just fine. In a creepy, sadistic, horrible kind of way. Of course, most of America is sleeping through this. Those who are not in the throes of Obamagasm might know, but it's hard to believe there are that many Americans who believe in abortion at all, let alone late term abortion and what about the born alive debate, those babies born alive from abortion. Obama says to put them in a dirty linen closet and let them die. I am not making this up. From what I have seen of Sebelius, it appears that would be fine with her, too.

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