Friday, March 20, 2009

Pam of Atlas Shrugs calls it the BIGGEST FRAUD IN HUMAN HISTORY

I agree with her. Was the "outrage" over the AIG bonuses a smoke screen to divert our attention from the "stimulus packages I and II?" I think so. Each and every day we learn about more earmarks. My friend and I were taking his father to dialysis this morning. The father is over 80 and quite frail. He probably goes to the doctor at least three times a week. And dialysis three times a week. I was thinking about the proposed change to Medicare whereby the government will decide whether healthcare is warranted based on age and life expectancy. In other words, there might come a time when expense three times a week hemodialysis is just too expensive for someone over 80 years of age. The father in question voted for Obama and said, at the time, he thought Obama was going to be "alright." It's all I can do sometimes not to mention that but I am not sure he even knows what is going on out it the world. He voted for Obama because he has "always voted Democrat." He really didn't know anything about him and he didn't want to know. That's how it is. That's how Obama got elected. For some, it was enough that he was probably the most liberal politician ever to come out of the windy city, fresh with his friendly thugs, like Rahm Emanuel, he of the "never let a crisis go to waste" sentiment. Then there were at least four members of his cabinet and/or proposed cabinet who just didn't think paying their taxes was important. In fact, one of them is in charge of the money right now. But all of this pales compared to what is coming. Stem cell already reversed. Mexico City policy reversed. Socialized medicine looking more and more possible each day. I am gong to bed. I have a headache.

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