Thursday, April 16, 2009

Janene Garafolo on Keith Olbermann - Those who attended Tea Parties are RACIST!!!!

From my experiences with liberal intellectuals. They begin from the premise of multiculturalism, the unshakeable belief that all cultures are equally valuable, accomplished, and advanced. This is a bedrock liberal belief - all of them embrace, and will angrily defend, this article of faith, and consider anyone who challenges it to be sinister and evil.

Since the West is considerably more accomplished and advanced than other cultures, it is necessary to denigrate the West to satisfy the requirements of multiculturalism. You can only ignore so much poverty and corruption in South America, so many gulags in the defunct Communist sphere, so many Rwandan genocides and barbaric Middle Eastern sewer states - and believe me, they try very hard to ignore these things as long as they can. But eventually, every liberal is confronted with the uncomfortable, demonstrable truth that the West - despite its imperfections - is far ahead of the dark and bloody world that surrounds it.

In order to validate their religious faith in the equality of all cultures, it is necessary for the liberal to bring Western culture down… way, way down. A good example of that would be some of the remarks Ron Howard made this week. They do this by nurturing a belief that Western culture is inherently evil. Since most liberals begin wrestling with the obvious absurdity of multiculturalism in college, they have no shortage of academics on hand to assist them with developing a critique of Western history that nullifies all of its achievements. Thus, it does not matter that the West ended mankind’s thousands of years of slavery - it only matters that the West had slaves. It does not matter that Western theories of democracy and capitalism brought unprecedented prosperity to every corner of the globe that adopted them - it only matters that some Westerners are very rich, and some are poor. It does not matter that America fought mighty battles against the British Empire or the Axis in the name of liberty - it only matters that America was founded on a pile of dead Indians.

By the time a young liberal escapes from his college professors, he hates the history and traditions of the West… and he hates and despises the only acceptable demon figure presented to him, the white European male. But the liberal does not hate himself - he is filled with pride at his superior insight, his elevated appreciation for every culture except his own, and his induction into the society of enlightened socialists that have designed a perfect future that requires the resources, and obedience, of the West to achieve. He knows what needs to be done to overcome the legacy of oppression, slavery, genocide, and greed that defines Western culture, and he is prepared to do it. Because that makes him noble and virtuous, it makes everyone who disagrees with his beliefs base, mean, vulgar, and stupid.

The only way to atone to the rest of humanity for the West’s dark history is to engineer a just, fair, equitable, compassionate society. America cheated to get where it is today - that’s the only explanation that fits with the sacred belief that all cultures are equal. America stole its land, its riches, and even its science from the other peoples of the world… and the ignorant, racist, greedy rulers of reactionary white America are still cheating and stealing, still oppressing women and minorities, still clutching their ill-gotten wealth and waving guns at the enlightened progressives and their Party. Somewhere, out there, at this very moment, a rich white guy is counting his money, while a poor undocumented immigrant is shopping for his kids in a thrift store, and that’s just not fair.

Since the liberal was assured by his professors that progressive socialism is the only valid form of political expression, everything a reactionary does is presumptively illegitimate. That’s how the people who tried to steal the 2000 election with dangling chads, psychic election officials divining the intention of unpunched ballots, and military votes disqualified by squadrons of oily lawyers can tell you with absolute passion and sincerity that Bush stole the election. That’s how they can declare a tired old fraud like John Kerry was the greatest soldier who ever lived, and his fellow Swift Boat veterans were a pack of paid liars who probably met in Rupert Murdoch’s backyard. That’s how the people who voted for the favorite disciple of a viciously racist church - who racked up 96% of the vote from people who shared his skin color but could not have named one of his policies, legislative achievements, or running mate on a bet - can sneer that a tax protest a quarter-million strong was the equivalent of a coast-to-coast Klan rally. It’s not exactly hypocrisy, because to the liberal, there is no other side: there are the brave progressive heroes of history, and there are the villains. The West has been sentenced to a thousand years of community service for its sins, and political activity that attempts to thwart liberal goals is tantamount to a parole violation.

Notice that many of the signs help up by the "tea baggers" are no worse than many signs I saw during the Bush administration. In fact, the Bush is Hitler mantra was an every day occurrence. I never once saw one of these "progressives" say that was wrong. They thrive and live on double standards. It's what they do. (comments courtesy Dr. Zero, HotAir)

That is why Janeane Garofaolo hates you: because if she didn’t, she would have to hate herself.

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