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Those “arrogant” Americans.
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I couldn’t believe my ears.

Andrea Lafferty

I was getting my little one’s breakfast together and waving the remote to see what the morning news looked like when I found MSNBC (which I discovered does not stand for Marxist-Stalinist News Broadcast Company) and a discussion of the Americans who retook their pirated cargo ship off Somalia.

MSNBC reports dutifully that President Obama does nothing wrong and Republicans do nothing right. In the case of the Americans who retook their ship from the Somali terrorists, guess who was wrong in MSNBC’s not-very-humble view? Those “arrogant” Americans.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

Their Pentagon correspondent explained that the Americans who fought back against the terrorists and drove them off their cargo ship into a lifeboat. They took the ship’s captain with them as a hostage but this story can’t have a good ending for the pirates. They are over 350 miles from the nearest land in a life boat and they have just been joined by a big gray ship with numbers on the side which is (for the benefit of the analysts at MSNBC) a U.S. Navy destroyer or the good guys.

Any day in which you are 350 miles at sea in a boat made for a ride at Coney Island and looking down the barrels of those big destroyer guns cannot turn out well for the terrorists.

But the MSNBC guy at the Pentagon says into the microphone that the brave Americans who took on the terrorists had actually interfered with the shipping company’s plan to just pay whatever amount of money the terrorists demanded wherever and at any time the terrorists demanded it. “It’s the cost of doing business….,” the correspondent stated rather grimly.


Since President Obama started talking about “negotiating” with “moderates in the Taliban”?

Those 20 Americans are heroes on any other day of American history (except for the early days of the Carter Administration, maybe).

After a big parade and White House ceremony, they should be dispatched to the State Department, the Congress and the Department of Homeland Security where they could recount for their uninitiated listeners what you do when you come face-to-face with terrorists. YOU FIGHT.

There are no moderates in the Taliban. We may not be at war with Islam but it sure does look like radical Islam is waging a cowardly and deceitful war against us (or at least the unarmed and mostly women and children of us).

At MSNBC’s New York headquarters there may be some confusion about what to do with a terrorist but in most corners of America and on the deck of that cargo ship, there was no doubt.

p.s. – None of what I said about MSNBC should reflect on Pat Buchanan. I loved his remark that his favorite television show is “24” because (I don’t have the exact quote) they start off terrorist interrogation on the right note by kneecapping them first and then asking the questions. There are areas in which Pat and I may disagree but this is definitely not one of them.

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