Friday, January 8, 2010

Colt McCoy gives God the Glory.

In a post game interview, quarterback for the Texas Longhorns gives an emotional interview. If you look up class act in the dictationary, this fine young man's picture is there. This isn't the first time McCoy publicly expressed his faith in God. He participated last year in the I Am Second movement, a ministry that is based on the principle of keeping Jesus the primary focus in people's lives, and reminding people that God still loves them even when they make mistakes.

"I want people to know that having a personal relationship with Christ is probably the biggest decision that any of us will make. It goes deeper than going to church, than just acting like a Christian," McCoy wrote for the group's Web site. "It goes with really deeply knowing and coming to know Jesus and having a personal relationship with Him."

McCoy holds the NCAA records for highest career completion percentage and most wins for a starting quarterback.

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