Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everyone Against Abortion, Raise Your Hand

The spot above was put together by Priests for Life. Rejected by all networks in the United States, it has just been accepted to be aired in Canada. The image of the video is stunning. The perfectly formed hand and arm of a 28-week-old fetus. With our technology, this young boy could have lived outside the womb. His name was David and he is one of the faces of abortion. The images are hard to view. All abortion images are. They speak to most of us in our hearts and minds. They make us cry and they make us angry. We pray and we shout. We do our best to see that children such as this little boy are born and given a chance at life. Yet there are those in this society who do not see this child as a living human being. They do not watch these videos. They do not read Bernard Nathanson or any other book on the truth about abortion. They turn their eyes and mind and hearts from the pictures of the pro-life protestors and they rail against those protesting. To them, it has become imperative to dehumanize abortion in order to tolerate it.

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