Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From Breitbart's Big Hollywood: Hollywood's blacklist couldn't stop Chris Mitchum.

"My dad was essentially a philosophical anarchist,” laughs Chris Mitchum about his famous father Robert Mitchum.

“He thought that man was basically good and could govern himself, but he hated authority and didn’t care for heavy handed government. He thought government should just lay out the frame work, then stand back and let the game play itself out,” Mitchum says.

Talking with Mitchum at a Los Angeles watering hole frequented by entertainment industry conservatives seems a lot like what it might have been talking with his legendary father. There’s no pretense or phoniness, just an easy-going strength and straightforward congeniality.

There’s no bitterness in Mitchum's voice as he takes another sip of his iced tea and relates how just being associated with super star John Wayne suddenly sidelined his rise to fame and fortune.

“I did three pictures with John Wayne - 'Chisum,' 'Rio Lobo' and 'Big Jake' - and TV roles before that. It was Duke who got me a screen test with director Howard Hawks that completely changed my attitude 180 degrees about how to approach acting,” he says.

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