Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Michelle Malkin on The View, Even Years Later, It's Still All About Bush

Even years later, it is still all about Bush. The look Michelle Malkin gives Joy near the end when she ONCE AGAIN brings up Bush is priceless. Joy is the poster child for liberalism, blame, blame, blame. Would you not think the panel could have read the book before calling the author to task? Whoopi used a talking point obviously given to her that was not even included in the book! Then Joy admits she read "some of it." I'll just bet she did because you sure can't tell from her questions, which did not consist of anything except it was all about Bush. The View is a joke and anyone who puts any stock at all in their opinions are fools. They absolutely know nothing except that we must place the blame on the right wing, as Joy labels Michelle in this video. I like Elizabeth, but she is often not strong enough to counter the other voices here. Barbara Walters often took to task the liberal voices for facts that were in fact not factual at all.

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