Saturday, January 26, 2013

One-Third of a Generation Gone in 40 Years

January 22, 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of perhaps the most egregious death sentence ever handed over by any court in history. The sentence is even more horrible because it was unborn children being rendered disposable. This week's Right to Life march in Washington DC on the steps of the Supreme Court was attended by hundreds of thousands of Americans standing up for the rights of the unborn. A record number of young people attended this march, standing in testimony to those who for 40 years have had no voice outside those who believe life begins at conception.  Doug Patton from The Cagle Post wrote an article about the anniversary of Roe vs Wade entitled "One-Third of a Generation Gone in 40 Years" which brings home saliently the stark number of a generation lost to abortion. In the article, he writes:

A little more than a month ago, 20 innocent children were savagely and senselessly slaughtered in their classroom at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, a fact now being used by an opportunistic president to further his agenda. That same day, 150 times that many innocent children were savagely and senselessly slaughtered in America’s abortion mills.
The next day, the same thing happened. And the day after that. And the day after that.
It’s been going on for 40 years now.
On January 22, 1973, my wife had been carrying the first of our two sons for three months when seven men in black robes handed down the most notorious Supreme Court ruling since Dred Scott. Consequently, our sons have grown to manhood in a country that has never protected its innocent unborn children. They have come of age with the knowledge that it is a crime to kill certain “endangered species” of animals, while realizing that one-third of their generation has been legally aborted before having the opportunity to draw breath.
America’s callous attitude toward the unborn is due in part to the overwhelming quantity of tiny corpses, now in the neighborhood of 50 million. For the last 40 years, they have been poked, poisoned and pulverized to death in the name of “choice.” As Soviet butcher Joseph Stalin is reputed to have said, “The death of a hundred people is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” This is so because, as human beings, we cannot wrap our minds around the enormity of the evil involved in such numbers. 
Killing the innocent is wrong. We all know this intuitively. The events of September 11, 2001, are seared into our consciousness because of the heinous nature of the crimes and the horrendous loss of life. Yet we turn a blind eye to the methodical and deliberate killing of that many human beings every single day at the hands of “doctors.”
 The rest of the article can be read here

The Mainstream Media, not surprisingly, failed to cover this event. Still, each day, all across the United States, in all kinds of weather, every day of the week, Americans will stand as witness outside abortion clinics, most prominently Planned Parenthood, and bear witness for life. Like those who marched in Washington, DC, we who stand for life will let nothing stop us. We are a growing army.  Silent no more.

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