Monday, December 29, 2008

Beth Ditto - This is for all the Fat Girls

Actually, Camryn Manheim said that when she accepted her Emmy, but I never forgot it. There aren't many who cheer for us big girls. Our society seems to have slowly opened up a bit, but fat prejudice is still the only politically correct prejudice. I know a lot of beautiful large people. I feel fortunate to know them and I know something all those fat haters out there don't know. I know they are missing out by not knowing them and I know that more than likely many of them will one day be fat. Then what. Here's a video of one of my favorite performers. Not only is she large and beautiful, she is extremely talented. I feel certain that if not for her size, she would be hugely (no pun intended) popular right now. But some people just can't move past that. Look at the female singers whose careers have suffered because they gained weight...Stevie Nicks, Ann Wilson from Heart, Linda Ronstadt. Their talent is still as good as it ever was. Stevie lost some weight and has been "accepted" back into music society. Watch how Simon denigrates the large people on American Idol. The thing is, he is right when he tells them they probably won't go far in the music industry if they are overweight. Kelly Clarkson faded from view when she gained weight. Same person, same talent. What can I say.

In all her raw and rowdy glory, I give you Beth Ditto and Gossip. I think she could give anyone a run for their money physically. This girl can move.


  1. wow.. not my preferred kind of music, but what an amazing voice this girl has! puts me to the mind of Cyndi Lauper.. you should check out this blog

  2. It really isn't my kind of music either. Way too much screaming for me! But her voice is so great. You should hear some of her slower songs. I would have put one on here but she has a tendency to undress at her concerts! What can I say. She is very much a free spirit. Thanks for the link. I will go check it out now!