Monday, December 29, 2008

Tired Sunday

I am not going to write much. Some great news, brother Barry is home from the hospital after a two week stay, a week in ICU. Not so great news is that his diabetes has progressed from oral medication to 55 units of insulin a day. He is also on heparin because of his atrial fibrillation, which he no longer has since he was cardioverted but he will be on the heparin for awhile as prophylaxis. He is on three inhalers for his lungs, and a multitude of other medications, but he is definitely glad to be home in his own house, in his own bed. I sent him a ham for Christmas but he never got to taste it before he got sick. He was talking all the time in the hospital about how he was going to fix it. Hospital food...well, you know. I am grate for the prayers of my friends and family. Barry was sufficiently scared enough to not wait so long if he gets sick again. Like the rest of my family, we were raised to not complain and never get sick. It stood us well at one point in our lives, but not now, not at this age.

We had after Christmas get together at Rodger's sisters. I really like her, but can't say that I care for some of the other people in the family. Lots of negative things said about other people in the family, leading me to believe that the minute we left, our names were bandied about. Not a good feeling. It's too bad, because I really do like his sister. Ah, well, families. What can I say.

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