Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Done with Doctors

I wonder how anyone survives. Oh, first of all, in case you didn't know (or I didn't know either)...I'm fat. It's official. Today, I was to see the rheumatologist because of my markedly elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) and antinuclear antibodies (ANA). My FNP referred me when the lab came back. I was really lucky to get in to see this guy so quick. So I get in there and he doesn't have the lab my primary was supposed to fax. They called three times to get the labs faxed. They never faxed them. He decided to x-ray my knees and neck while I was there and still waiting. So no surprise, I have severe osteoarthritis of my knees and a compressed disk at C5-6. What else is new. But I am there for the CRP and the ANA, not something I already knew...oh, and that I am fat. Two hours later, no labs. Writes me a prescription for physical therapy for my knees and says that's all he can do without the labs. I was furious! I came home and called my primary. I don't like them anyway because they absolutely will not take a message for any reason and you simply can never talk to the nurse for any reason. They also never call to tell you that you have abnormal labs. I had a creatinine of almost 4 and didn't find out until my followup visit in 6 weeks. Anyway, the receptionist said she was busy when the rheumatologist called three times (gee, did she not get the hint that they REALLY REALLY wanted the labs). So she said she faxed them at noon. I left at 11:50 a.m. I had been there since 10:00. Then I called the hospital because I needed them to fax lab work from 5 years ago when I had a normal ANA because the rheumatologist said I was probably carrying an abnormal ANA because my mother had scleroderma. Only it wasn't abnormal until now. After much looking, the hospital can find that I had an ANA done. They just can't find the value for it. So I called the doctor's office where I was going at the time the first lab was done (their office is notorious for not sharing medical records. My doctor has requested my medical records several times and they just won't give them up), and I said I needed some lab work that was done in 2003 faxed to my doctor and she said "okay, will do." Only she never asked me which doctor and she never asked me which lab. So I knew she wasn't going to do it. I mean I KNEW IT. I'm done. I get it why I was done before and I am done double this time. I am freaking DONE!!!!

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