Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The President is Home and Taking the Higher Ground

Bush has been nothing but helpful in his attitude towards Obama. Never have I heard or read a word of negativity from President Bush. Yet today, which I suppose is a day of celebration for some, Obama not only denigrated Bush in a speech, the White House website lambasted Bush for Katrina. There is a higher ground but evidently, it's a road Obama and crew have never traveled. Why am I not surprised.

That aside, President Bush got to utter those 6 words he has been waiting to utter. He has given much for this country and has endured horrible things in return. The Bush Derangement Syndrome that consumed the left like a cancerous tumor shows no sign of stopping or diminishing. He stood it all with grace and sometimes perplexity. He could not understand that he had done to bring this kind of vile behavior from people. I must admit, I don't understand it myself. Even while I loathed the Clintons, I did not come close to what has become of the left. They have their Messiah now. I sincerely hope, for the sake of America, that things improve here.

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