Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ambassdor Samir Sumaida'ie Lambasts Code Pink

Personally, I cannot stand these horrible, wretched women. This was from December, when the Ambassador was visiting DC and shortly after the shoe throwing incident in Iraq. I was cheering the whole time the Ambassador was speaking. But the pinko tools never know shame. Their signs remained held high during the entire exchange. Send them to the Middle East. Let them try something like that there.

Mr. Muntader al-Zaidi is very lucky that it was Mr. Bush and Mr. Maliki and not Saddam Hussein. Because, had it been Mr. Saddam Hussein you would be carrying a different plaque by now. Number 2, in our country, I know that people have told you that showing shoes at someone is an insult. But, it is a bigger insult to the host; in our culture anyone who insults a guest is insulting the host. So in our culture we believe that what Mr al-Zeidi did was reprehensible.

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