Thursday, February 19, 2009

Enforcing Illegal Immigration Laws Opens up Jobs for Unemployed Americans

Who would have believed that!

From the website Californians for Population Stabilization:

The Coalition for the Future American Worker (CFAW), of which CAPS is a member, has launched another national TV blitz. The ads emphasize the fact that worksite immigration enforcement is opening up jobs for Americans, improving workplace safety and raising wages.

Diana Hull, President of CAPS, commented, “One has to wonder about Congressman Gutierrez’ motives. Eleven million Americans are out of work and millions of their homes are being foreclosed. Americans need these jobs yet Congressman Gutierrez wants to make sure illegal workers can continue taking American jobs. Whose interest is he representing anyway?”

As a result of ICE enforcement around the country, Americans have been taking the jobs that used to be done by illegal workers. In Tarheel, North Carolina, enforcement has resulted in probable unionization and a huge victory for the American worker. In Mississippi, out of work Americans lined up for jobs that used to be done by illegal workers. Hull commented, “Worksite enforcement works. Why would we want to stop opening up jobs for Americans when 11 million of our neighbors and friends need those jobs?”

Hull also pointed out that the Senate removed E-Verify from the recently signed stimulus package. E-Verify would have helped ensure Americans get the jobs fueled by the Stimulus package. E-Verify was included in the original Stimulus Bill passed in the House but was removed in the Senate and never made it back into the bill in the conference committee. Hull commented, “The stimulus is supposed to stimulate job growth for American workers. Without E-Verify, our tax dollars could be stimulating jobs for illegal workers who send their money out of the country. That won’t help American workers pay their mortgages.”

Hull is optimistic about the President continuing worksite enforcement actions, “I hope President Obama will decline the suggestions of Congressman Gutierrez,” stated Hull. “I know the President is trying to create more jobs for Americans, not give them away.”

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