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Abortion Addict admits to having had 15 abortions in 17 years

This story from the Dailymail is a shining example of the fallacy that abortion is not being used as a means of birth control. Note that the woman in question, who decided what she had done was noteworthy enough to write a book about, has regrets that she "let the woman's movement down." That's right, she did. She chose to carry two of her pregnancies to term. What a disappointment. Just when you think you have heard it all. However, the fact is that the number of women who have multiple abortions is increasing, though nowhere near the horror that this woman has produced.

A woman has admitted to being 'an abortion addict' after having 15 terminations over 17 years. Irene Vilar said she had the abortions not from poverty or fear but as an extraordinary act of rebellion against her 'controlling' husband who did not want children. The 40-year-old's confession has unleashed a torrent of attacks from anti-abortion activists on the internet, including death threats and demands for her to be jailed.

The cycle of pregnancies and abortions, which began when she was 16 and ended when she was 33, was also punctuated by several suicide attempts. Now a successful literary agent with two young daughters, Loretta, five, and Lolita, three, Mrs Vilar has written about her experiences in a memoir, called Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict.

The book, which was published yesterday, has shocked many Americans, who remain bitterly divided over the issue, and has angered campaigners on both sides of the abortion divide. Charmaine Yoest, president of pro-life pressure group Americans United for Life, said: 'It really underscores everything we always say in the pro-life movement - that abortion is part of a very sad story for women.'

However, pro-choice campaigners said Mrs Vilar's book raises uncomfortable questions about abortion as a form of birth control.

Mrs Vilar said of the book's reception: 'I am worried about my safety and the hate mail. I just imagine the "baby killer" stuff and I could be a poster child for that kind of fundamentalism.' My note: No, you could be a poster child for someone who used abortion as a means of contraception. That's what you are.

The attractive one-time academic prodigy attended a boarding school in New Hampshire and was accepted into a New York university when she was only 15. A year later, she fell in love and married a 50-year-old Latin American literature professor, who she says was opposed to having children. She claims he bragged that his relationships never lasted more than five years and told that having children killed sexual desire. In response, Mrs Vilar said she rebelled by 'forgetting' to take her birth control pills. My Note: Is this just a tad disingenuous?

'In the beginning I was taking pills and I'd skip a day or two or give up one month,' she said in a television interview. 'I'd think I'll be better next time. My note: Still no mention of the word responsibility. Well, we all know what an enormous hassle taking a pill a day is.

'But slowly, my days took on a balancing act and there was a specific high. I would get my period and be sad, then discover I was pregnant, being afraid, yet also so excited.' My note: Excited about what, having a living human being dissected piecemeal from your womb. Yeah, I can see how that would excite someone like YOU!

She claimed she had the abortions so her husband wouldn't leave her although she failed to reveal whether he knew of the terminations. My note: My head is going to explode.

'Of course, this did not mean I wanted to do it again and again,' she said. 'A druggie also wants to stop every time. My comment: I have no words.
'Women have written memoirs about their anorexia or their bulimia, and they explain the best that they can what motivated their addiction or their behaviour. I try to do the same in this book.' My note: Comparing anorexia or bulimia to multiple abortions is like comparing Hitler to Mother Teresa.

Although she said she did not see herself as a victim, she admitted she felt she had let the women's movement down. Now re-married, she is raising their two daughters and two teenage stepchildren in Denver, Colorado. My note: She is right, she is not a victim. Her 15 dead children are!

'Motherhood has made me feel accountable,' she said. 'It hasn't made me less pro-choice. My note: Accountable to what exactly you stupid cow! How about being RESPONSIBLE. There's a word that doesn't ever seem to appear in the "prochoice" crowd.

'It's just that I understand and feel the weight of the privilege we have in exercising our right to choose.' My note: Oh My GOD, could you possibly be any more facetious. You understand the weight of the privilege in exercising your right to choose!! This woman has no soul. 15 abortions have certainly been weighty for her.

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