Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Megyn Kelly Destroys Gloria Allred Over Tim Tebow Ad

What exactly is the proabortion crowd so afraid of? To hear them shriek, this small ad at Superbowl is going to take away a woman's right to choose whether or not to kill her own baby in the womb. Gloria Allred wants the "whole story" told. That would have been nice back in the day when Roe v Wade was being passed into our forever horrified consciousness. The truth would have been nice. Bernard Nathanson wrote that at the time he was involved in inflating the numbers of deaths from illegal abortions. Though he had an epiphany regarding abortion when the advent of ultrasound allowed him to witness, first hand, a fetus being torn apart in the womb, the proabortion crowd is still using the boogey man tactic of deaths from illegal abortions. Jim Daly counters Ms. Allred with the fact that abortion was legal in the Philippines at the time and can be easily researched. The proabortion crowd is frothing at the mouth and striking out like the mad dog that they are. Megyn Kelly does a fine job here with Ms. Allred. I especially like her comment when she asks Ms. Allred that isn't the right to free speech more speech, not less. Ms. Allred just doesn't have a chance against Megyn. BTW, Megyn just got back from four month maternity leave and is looking lovely as ever.

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