Friday, January 1, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Hospitalized with Chest Pain, The Left Rejoices

Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio commentator, was hospitalized in Hawaii after experiencing chest pain. In the comment section of the Washington Post, who ran a short article about Rush's hospitalization, these comments were to be found. This is only a sampling. A link will appear at the end so you can read them all for yourself, if you care to and if you need any further reinforcement that there is a faction on the left that are not only eternally damned but that have no soul and no humanity. Here goes:

Limbaugh, I hope you have a stroke: not big enough to make a stupid martyr out of you, but just enough to silence the vile hatred that spews from your mouth three hours a day, every day of the week. You are divisive in a world that needs to come together and America will do much better when you finally croak.

Posted by: ProgressiveinFlorida

For more lovely comments by the tolerant and compassionate left, try reading

I am an atheist but I prayed for the death of rush and it half came through so I guess now I am half atheist

Posted by: baddog123

Where, oh where, would all of Rush's poor,lost semi-literatate, hateful, venom filled sheep be without their marshmallow leader?

Posted by: majorteddy

If Jesus were here what would Rush say? He'd call Jesus a "Liberal Socialist Commie" and Rush's ditto-heads would demand that Jesus be crucified. No doubt about that!!!

Posted by: mperezm

I wonder if Satan will put an apple in Limbaugh's mouth before roasting him?

The Hawaiian luau aspect would add a bit of humor to the process and the apple would keep Limbaugh from talking.

Posted by: Ms_Morgan

It would be nice if Limbaugh recovered, read these comments, and then died know what people really think of him.

Posted by: Ms_Morgan

If you really need to see anything further, more comments can be found here

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